How to Root the Motorola Moto E?

Motorola Moto E you can get the money has been praised as one of the best budget phone, but there is always room for improvement. Rooting – Android gained administrative rights over the process - in the handset allows for a ton of new possibilities. What Overclocking, increase battery life, motorcycle,...
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How to Enable Parental Controls on a Mac.

Go online to see your kids do when they are in control of a full-time job, but in OS X Leopard (10.5) and above you can now with ease to control your kid‘s account. If you use them, and even how they can limit what applications they can use. 1 Log in to the administrator account on your Mac. If...
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In Mac OS X How to force an application to quit?

Your Mac can sometimes overload the app will freeze up and stop working, but they are running. When this happens, you can use the Force Quit function to close the application. Force an application to exit: 1 At the same time, hold down Command Option Escape. The Force Quit window, and you can choose...
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To change the default application that opens a file with your Mac.

The nice thing about the Mac is that you double click on a file, it is automatically displayed in the default application. For example, a Microsoft Word file, double-click the word that the document should be opened. However, the default setting is not very helpful. Perhaps you just want to see you...
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01 mac-freeze

Decide what you will do with your Mac?

Macs- very stable or an unstable program you load a lot of programs are loaded, they can start the problem. The most common symptoms of a crashing Mac Death (SPOD) is the spinning pinwheel. It is trying to do something on your Mac, and the problem appears when the cursor is in a multicolored pinwheel....
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Windows Watch: Google’s big plans for business computing.

Its I / O developer conference, Google is expected to dominate business computing showed. It provides the security of Office to edit and more compelling than ever for the Chromebooks, Android Apps, allowing more business-friendly, resulting in a wide range. Simply put, Google‘s getting down to...
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Review: Panasonic TX-32AS600

Technology‘s moth bowling late last year, the King of the plasma. Check out our reviews of the evidence that - - the bigscreen TV was better than anyone else, but sales were poor, presumably. In 2014 it is now, but with the application and usability (32-inch, TX-32AS600 is considered merely average...
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5G will enjoy blazing speed London 2020, Boris Johnson promised.

According to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, 2020 have access to the 5G mobile speed. London‘s infrastructure between now and 2050 as part of a larger plan, Johnson pledged this week to bring the next six years in London 5G. Still in the initial stage with the 5G, might sound like an ambitious...
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Review: ASUS MeMO Pad ME181C (2014)

There is nothing wrong with tweaking a successful formula. A 1.33-GHz Intel Atom CPU ‘s, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of flash memory: $ 199 Asus memo pad memo pad 7 8 small as $ 149 to have the same specs. But the new tablet is a big, 8-inch display. Memo pad 8 pairs of powerful performance and convenient...
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Review: ASUS Transformer Pad TF103C

It is cheaper to buy an Android tablet, Amazon, Fuhu and there is a glut of choices from vendors as diverse as Kobo. Very few, however, includes a keyboard for the price. ASUS Transformer Pad is a very affordable TF103C Clamshell Keyboard Dock for $ 299 and features the latest Android software. The touchpad...
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